Database Backup/Restore:  From the main screen, a menu option is provided to backup the internal database of the program.  The backup is made to the external SDCARD in the Download directory.  If there is no SDCARD present, the backup is aborted. Prior database files are overwritten.   Restoring a saved database is provided, but caution should be taken in restoring an out-of-date database. All activities between restoral and when the database was initially saved will be lost. Saved lineups and matches saved that will be later resumed might cause problems due to data being missing.

Speech: On the statistic input screen, speech is provide to say the player’s first name or jersey number and the action performed.  This speech option can be turned off and on via the menu options, as well as whether the first name or jersey number is used.  This a helpful feature to provide feedback selecting players and the actions by perform.  In a noisy gym a earphone can be used.

 Save/Resume Matches:  It may be necessary to suspend stat inputting until some  later time. This may be due to inputting stats from a video,  where starting and stopping can be performed.   In order to save a match, use the menu option from the stat input screen to “save Match”.  The program will save all the necessary information in order to resume where you left off.  Saving can only be done during stoppage of play.

To resume a match, the main screen will show a button is any matches have been saved. Pressing this button will present a dialog of all suspended matches.  Selecting the appropriate match and pressing ‘Resume’ will restore the match to the point it was saved.  Once restored, the match must be re-saved in order to return again.

Undo:  Although the program makes it easy to enter player’s action for later statistical reports, errors can be made during input.  If an error is inputted  ( i.e. wrong player, wrong action) , using the back key will present a dialog asking if the last action should be undone. If accepted, the last action is removed from the database and condition prior to this action are re-established.  Continual pressing of the back button will continue undoing actions from the database. Note: Undo’s will also undo substitutions.

Re-do:  During a game there might be times when a ‘Re-Do’ has been called by the referee.  In order to undo all of the actions preceding the ‘Re-Do’, a menu option is proved in the stat input screen to undo all actions within the last play, excluding any substitutions that occurred.

Matches:  On the main panel, a button appears whenever any matches are present in the database.  Pressing this button will provide a list of all matches. Selecting a ‘completed’ match will present a dialog requesting if a ‘Max Preps’ formatted file of the match should be emailed.  A long press on any match will pop-up a dialog requesting if the match and all its data should be deleted.  This might be done for practice matches which you don’t want counted as part of the team’s stats.

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