figure 1 Main Substitution

figure 1 Main Substitution

Substitution is provide during any stoppage in play. From the stat input panel select the ‘Sub’ button to enter into the substitution screen. As in the start of match procedure, assigning players to the court, substitution starts with selecting an available player from the bench and then selecting the position on the court where that player will play.  If a libero is being entered, select the special libero position first before selecting the player on the court being sub-out.  When all the substitutions are complete, use the back button to return to the stat input screen.

In large tablet modes, the substitution screen replaces the statistic screen. Here substitutions are automatically shown in the stat input screen.

A second method of perform a substitution is provided by first selecting a player on the court and then pressing the ‘Sub’ button.  This sequence provide a single person substitute for the person initially pressed.  When this procedure is used a dialog is show( see figure 2) that presents all the eligible

Figure 2: Single Substitution

Figure 2: Single Substitution

players that can be used for the substitution. Selecting the player and pressing the ‘Substitute’ button will initiate the substitution.  If it is someone, other than the libero, a second dialog (figure 3) is presented to specify any natural position changes or if the person coming in is a setter.  When completed, press the ‘OK’

Figure 3;  Sub parameters

Figure 3; Sub parameters

button to complete the substitution.





Auto-Substitution: To facilitate the libero substitution process, the program will automatically sub-out the libero whenever the libero is rotated into position 4 with the player that was initially substituted out by the libero.

Periodic Rotational position Substitutions:  When the program detect that a certain player(s) are substituted at certain rotational positions,  the program will automatically ask if the player is to substituted back in.  This pop-up dialog requires a simple Yes/No response.

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